Our primary focus is the relocation of your furry (feathered or scaley) family, whether that be to or from the UAE.


We don’t try to be a ‘jack of all trades’, preferring to stick with what we know best, partnering with like-minded colleagues to relocate your world around the world.


With our specialist vehicles, you can relax in the knowledge that whilst we are transporting your pets, their safety and security is our top priority.  


Whether they are traveling to or from vet appointments, staycations, the airport or your home.   



We offer a wide range of accessories to make your relocation as smooth as possible.


We will help you decide between IATA approved standard crates and our original bespoke custom built travel crates,

to travel bags and beds, and a wide range of calming products and solutions.  All designed to keep your pet comfortable and relaxed throughout their journey


cat at pawtery.jpeg

 Our very own luxury cat hotel, ‘The Pawtery’, offers spacious suites and play rooms catering to our feline VIPs every whim. With room service and light spa treatments included we ensure your pets have everything the need to make their stay comfortable and stress free. 
For our canine clientele we partner with a selection of Pawsome approved boarding facilities, in Dubai and around the world to ensure the ultimate petcation during every part of your pets travel adventure.