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Lendng a paw

Paw it forward

Donate a crate
Flight Buddy
Relocate a rescue
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Lending a Paw

There are many ways to you can help lend a paw.

For example, helping transport rescues to vet appointments, a lift to the airport, picking up donations for garage sales, etc.


We will happily put you in touch with those organisations who would benefit from any additional assistance you can provide that will help them and the rescues they have traveling.

Animal travel crates

Donate a Crate

One of the most significant costs for a rescue relocation is the travel crate. 


If you have a pre-loved crate you no longer need or can assist with the purchase of a new one let us know.


We are also able to store and subsequently ship back a number preloved crates for re-use, making it easy for you to help, even if you are no longer in the UAE.

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Flight Buddy

Some airlines and countries allow pets to travel as excess luggage with a two legged passenger. 


Many of our clients take a few hitch-hikers along at no extra cost or hassle.  Register your details to be a flight buddy, whether or not we are managing the relocation.


Being a part of bringing a rescue and their new family together is more rewarding than words can describe. 

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Relocate a Rescue

We collaborate with several organisations to combine multiple rescues into a single relocation, reducing costs for all.  We do this free of fees as well as donating monthly. 


They do an amazing job finding homes across the world for UAE rescue pets, so we try and help as much as we can! 


Helping the strays of today become the pets of tomorrow. 

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is why Pawsome Pets exists. A number of organisations are particularly close to our hearts, having been part of our journey to where we are now. 

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