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IATA Approved Travel Crates And Bags

Our IATA approved standard, custom built and soft travel crates are carefully chosen to ensure your pet travels in comfort, safety and style. The size and type of crate your pet needs will be based on several factors including their weight, size, how they will be travelling and (for you) the related flight cost implications. It can be a confusing decision however we will discuss the various options with you and ensure the most appropriate crate for your pets travel.

  • Custom Crate

    There are times when a standard crate is not your best option. Either because of your pet needs a non-standard shape or size or where the flight cost is based on size of the their crate.


    Our custom crates are designed to meet, if not exceed IATA standards with specialised flight case security latches, air ventilation and double panelled construction. 


    Refined and pawsonally tested so that they are the best of the best, we appreciate that for some of our clients it will be a one-time use only, however we absolutely will not compromise on your pets’ safety and security.

  • Standard Crate

    Our range of standard crates include the Pet Mate and Flamingo brand. We have chosen these brands as they offer spacious and safe travel options, with their robust design and easy to assemble construction. 


    We will advise you on the best crate for your pet based on their size, your travel plan and as importantly, your pocket, assessing your pet at a crate fitting appointment. 


    Each crate comes with a water bowl as standard. For the larger pets, we exchange these for a bowl more suitable for their size.

  • Soft Travel Bags

    Specifically, for pets who are eligible to travel in the cabin of the aircraft for those airlines whose policies allow.  There are many designs available but to be IATA approved they must have ventilation on at least three sides and have a waterproof base. 


    Whilst durable, they also need to be light enough to not encroach on the 8kg maximum weight limit most airlines impose as part of their ‘In Cabin’ pet travel policies.

Comfort and Calming Solutions

Nothing soothes a pet more than being surrounded by familiarity. Travelling with their own bedding and blankets, along with an item that smells familiar such a t-shirt of yours, means that your pet will feel comfortable and safe during their journey.  For pets that need a little extra, we have a range of products that are designed to help them relax and de-stress.

  • Travel Beds

    Made with durable but super soft imitation lamb wool, our crate mats offer additional comfort for your pet during their trip.


    The bolstered edges provide added padding and create a cozy place to cuddle up. Super soft poly fill hold its shape and offers added support. 

  • Thunder Shirt

    Of the available calming products on the market, we personally believe the ThunderShirt is one of the most effective, working well for separation, travel and many other anxieties. 


    It's patented design applies a gentle, constant pressure that has a dramatic calming effect for the majority of our clients that use them. 

  • Calming Collars

    and Sprays

    Our range of calming collar and sprays use safe and natural (non-sedating) ingredients to de-stress your pet and are particularly beneficial 

    when used over a sustained period of time. 

    The collar is long acting and features a safety mechanism which allows the cat to slip its head out if the collar were to become caught on something, making it perfect for reducing anxiety during travel.

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