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Relocation and Pet Travel

Reloation process

With our experience and knowledge built on thousands of relocations, we assess your pet travel requirements, recommend feasible and cost effective solutions, prepare travel documentation, book flights, liaise with customs and quarantine authorities, arrange ground transport and staycation options as well as providing a full range of travel accessories.  Whether your pet is relocating to the other side of the world, or simply travelling on vacation with you, we offer a bespoke door to door (and) everything in between, stress free relocation service for you and your pet, with an individual travel plan that focuses on your pets needs and (as much as possible) your pocket.

All Inclusive Service & Price

We don't mark up costs and fees.  Our fees reflect the work required and are clear in what they cover.

A fully inclusive service for a transparent and (we believe) fair price.

Ground Transport

Door to door transport to and from your home, vet appointments and the airport.  All in our air conditioned, fully insured and licensed vehicles, fitted out to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your pet.

Customs Clearance

Ensuring all departure and arrival customs clearance formalities are adhered to and completed as per the requirements of the countries you are traveling to and from.

Progress Updates

At each step of the journey from the moment you contact us to the moment your pet arrives home, we keep you updated.  


Whether it be information on travel options and costs, information on next steps or photos and video of them starting and during their travel adventure.

Export And Import

Preparation of travel documentation and health certificates, application of import and export permits and official veterinary attestations.

Travel Accessories

Assess and fit your pet in their very own IATA approved travel crate whether it is standard or custom built. 


Providing as optional accessories, travel bedding and stress relieving products such as thunder shirts, calming collars and sprays.

Flight Booking

Liaising with our respective airline partners to arrange, book and confirm your pets flight.  Whether they are traveling on their own or on the same flight as you.

Travel Staycation

Cattery and kennel services prior to and after travel, ensuring your pets are being cared for and looked after away from the stress and upheaval of packing crates, open doors and hiding places.


Advising on, reserving and booking your pets quarantine facility, where such mandatory services are applicable. 


Advising on and arranging mandatory travel related requirements such as

blood tests, parasite treatments 

and other travel related vet services.

The Relocation Process

Get the ball rolling
Making a decision
Explorig your options

Exploring Your Options

The first thing we will do when you get in touch is ask you for some very specific details about your pet(s), your requirements and anything we need to keep in mind when reviewing options for you. We ask you to send us this detail via our online enquiry form. It may seem a bit tiresome, but the details are very important.  


Depending on where you and your pets are travelling to and on which airline(s), there may be a range of options available with varying associated costs. It is our job to select those options best suited to your needs and to discuss them with you, ideally also keeping costs as low as possible. To do this we need accurate information. So sorry in advance for the paperwork – we will do our best to keep it to a minimum!  


Making a Decision

Once we receive your request, we may need to request additional information or clarification on the details you have provided.  We will then determine and send you a quote for the travel option(s) we consider most feasible. Where multiple solutions may be possible, we will do our best to help you decide which provides the most comfortable and worry free route for your pet(s), as well as hopefully helping you look after your wallet. 


In every case we will look at the bigger picture to enable us to offer you the most appropriate solution to your pets relocation. We also provide you with a fully comprehensive quote rather than an indicative figure that keeps changing. This way, you know right from the start, how many cups of coffee, or nights out on the town, your furry fliers air ticket, hotel and limo’s will cost you. 

Plane taking off.jpeg

Get the ball rolling

Once you have decided on your preferred solution, we will discuss and agree a relocation plan with you, including indicative dates, timelines and any actions required on your part to prepare your pet for travel.  As we proceed through the process of booking flights, preparing travel documents, attending vet visits and more, we keep you updated all the way.   


On the day of travel, whether your pet is traveling in cabin, as excess baggage or cargo, we will be with you at the check in counter, to ensure everything runs smoothly during what is for most owners, the most stressful part of the process, waving your furry flier onto their flight.   Once (you and) your pet reach your final destination, there is nothing better than seeing all photo’s of the happy reunions and your pets in their new homes. 

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