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How To Measure Your Pet For Their Travel Crate

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

The key to a stress free journey for your pet is a comfortable and correctly sized crate that they feel safe and secure in.  To ensure you are choosing a crate, which is neither too small nor too big, correctly measuring your pet is essential.  Too small and the airline may not allow your pet to travel, too big and you could end up paying a higher fare than is necessary.

So we can give you an accurate quotation for your relocation and assist you in selecting the pawfect travel crate for your pet, it is essential that you provide us with a set of accurate measurements.  Once we have these we can calculate your flight costs and also assist you in selecting a crate from a range of readymade, or bespoke made to measure options in wood or plastic.

You should measure your pet whilst it is in a standing position, with the four key measurements required being the length, height and width of your pet.

  • Measure length from the Nose to Base of Tail / Bum.

  • Measure height from the floor to the top of the head, or if ears are erect, to the tip of the ear.

  • Measure width at the widest part of the body.

  • Measure length of the foreleg, floor to elbow

Do not add any additional length to your measurements.  We will do that for you and then recommend the appropriate crate size for your pet based on the actual measurements you provide.

Good Fit

Your pet should be able to stand, lay and sit comfortably whilst in the crate, without touching the sides.  Ideally there should be at least 5cm clearance whilst in each of these positions.

Not So Good Fit

If your pet has to hunch over when sitting or standing, or cannot lie down without their bum or paws squishing against the sides of the crate, then the crate is too small.

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