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The Final Countdown - Preparing For Travel

Travel doesn’t have to be a stressful event. With the right preparation and support your pets will take it in their stride and will likely be far more relaxed than you are. You are probably already aware of the following tips and hints, but it doesn’t do any harm to go through them again.

At Least One Week Prior to Travel

  • Ensure you have your pet crate(s) well in advance and that their size allows sufficient room to lie, stand and turn.

  • Make the crate available so that your pet has plenty of time to become accustomed to it, even if they have used it before. Ideally, you should allow at least a week for this, longer if possible.

Within 24 Hours of Travel

  • Just like us, our pets can (and sometimes do) suffer from travel sickness. We strongly advise you not to make any changes to your pets diet in the preceding weeks up to their flight.

  • A light meal should be provided prior to their flight. Do not feed / allow access to food, any later than around 8 – 12 hours prior to the flight. Water can and should be kept available.

  • Fill the in-crate water container up to two thirds and place in the freezer for at least 12 hours.

  • Place an absorbent pad, towel, blanket or t-shirt with a familiar scent, in the base of the crate.

  • Please note that tranquilizers and sedatives are strictly forbidden. If you are concerned about your pet being stressed during the journey, please speak to us about recommended options.

Immediately Prior to Travel

  • Immediately prior to going into the travel crate, allow your pet out to do their toilet.

  • Take the water container to the airport in a cooler bag so it can be attached to the crate door at the last possible moment.

  • Do not leave any chewable toys, treats or food inside the crate, or anything which could be a tangle or catch hazard, such as a harness or overly loose collar

  • Your pets leash must not be left inside the crate. Instead it should be securely attached on top of the crate. We recommend any expensive leashes should be brought with you directly. Ensure their collar is well fitting but not too tight.

Last, but not least, RELAX!

  • Your pet(s) will be well looked after in a temperature controlled, purpose built compartment in the hold.

  • The crew on board the flight will all be aware of your pet(s) travelling with them and the ground staff work quickly to load and unload your pet(s), in such a way as to cause minimum stress and discomfort.

  • If you have any questions which haven’t been answered yet, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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